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Who we are?

Welcome to the world of Arcitec Solutions. We are a team of industry experts dedicated to satisfying end user needs for the security, safety and hospitality.Arcitect Soultions was formed in the year 2008 to meet the waried needs of the constrution industries and exends out expertises to india by opening an office in Bangalore, india.


Our Mission

We at Arcitec Solutions are dedicated to the highest quality products to meet the needs and demands of our customers. It is our intent to develop good relationship with our suppliers, customers and community in which we operate. We are confident to lead in innovation and offer well-designed, convenient, safe and secure solutions that create added values for our customers.

Our Vision

Arcitec Solutions aspire to be the leading, most successful and most innovative architectural solution providers. It has been our constant endeavour to reach our goals by meeting the needs and expectations of our customers. We are Arcitec Solutions are committed to seeking growth ad prosperity by achieving a sustainable competitive share of our industry in the national marketplace and economy.

Our services


We have associated with many leading manufacturers of hardware of Timber and Steel doors in order to offer a comprehensive solution to all the opening problems. Our portfolio consists of the most prestigious internationally renowned brands.

Transpiring Solutions

Transpiring solutions for bed covers, cushions, mats, pool bench covers, pillows, child pram and wheel chair for disabled. Highly transpiring and open cell material- Its open cell structure allows the passage of both air and liquid reducing respiration and development of bacteria. 3D ventilation system- Composed of three dimensional structure of expanded polyurethane which increases and ease the recycle of air inside.


we open doors to residences, airports and other commercial buildings. An an expert on door opening solutions we are dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience.

Photo-Luminescent products

Design- Derived from natural elements, the flexibility of the luminescent products are suitable for various design applications such as mosaics, ceramics, resins glass, lamps, sillicones, cement, textiles and metals. Energy saving- Can save up-to 90% of electricity.

11 years

2 offices

12 employers

2421 clients

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For corporate clients

We aim to build and establish good working relationship with the client, contractor and the architect. ArcitecSolutions Trading LLC forms a vital element to the design and implementation of the project.

Being associated with many leading manufacturer of doors and hardware we offer a comprehensive solution to all the opening problems. We also offer a very comprehensive door scheduling service that is unique and products which meets all the relevant standards.

We also provide onsite representation so that no matter what advice you require, we will be available to take note of all your queries and provide you with the right solution.

Flooring Material Marble Ceramic Porcela
Iron Mongery
Led Lights
Motor Pumps
Fire Rated Steel Door